History of the Paintbrush

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It would seem that the paintbrush already existed in a very primitive form more than 12,000 years ago. It was only, however, with the advent of calligraphy, in China, that the paintbrush truly came to the forefront.

The first models were essentially designed for writing with ink, but some equally served to decorate pieces of pottery. The handle was often made out bamboo, and the hairs came from the fur of various animals, according to the desired degree of softness or stiffness.

The invention of the paintbrush is generally attributed to Meng Tian, a general in the Qin Dynasty who lived around 300 BC. The paintbrush greatly traveled over the course of time, and it's to the Tuscan painter Cennino Cennini that we owe the first mention of the object in the Western world.

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