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Four Part Fleur De Lis

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Rich in history and legendary, the Fleur de Lis is one of the most recognized symbols across the world. Representing either a lily, or an iris, its motif comes to us from a distant past and to this day still remains a mystery as to its origins. So, what does it symbolize? Essentially it is a stylized flower that over time has been associated with royalty. Representing elegance and class, this enduring emblem has been used as a decorative element on a variety of merchandise and is used by the New Orleans Saints on their helmets and as an advertising logo. The color purple stands for royalty. It is the color of a king. Purple is the traditional color for the season of Advent. Purple was the most costly dye in ancient times and was therefore used by kings to indicate their royal status. In advent it stands for the King and Lord, Jesus Christ.